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The suitability of a partner visa method will depend on what sort of relationship you have with your partner. Added factors such as the age of your relationship and the location where you choose to apply for the visa also impact the selections.

1. Fiancé or Prospective Marriage Visa

If you intend to get married, you can apply for a partner visa. This visa is granted on a temporary basis for a period of 9 months but you enter Australia with complete work rights. If your partner and you are supposed to get married during this time, then you should submit an application for the onshore 820/801 visa.

2. Partner Visa

Eligibility can be obtained for the partner visa, by providing proof of one of these relationships:


12-month or older de-facto relationship

Formal de facto registration 

The Department of Home Affairs has decided the following stages of application, to ensure that only people with genuine relationships get to enter Australia.

  1. You will only get a provisional visa, if your relationship’s length hasn’t exceeded the period of 3 years when applying. This visa will include full rights to work in Australia along with Medicare access and the facility of multiple re-entries. 
  2. You are required to submit another application to begin the processing necessary for permanent residency, after 2 years of loading the visa. 

If a relationship gets dissolved within 2 years of period, then, the authorities can deny the permanent residency application unless some valid circumstances apply.

Relationship Requirements

All applications go through an assessment to be sure of the relationship’s genuine nature. So, the applicants need to provide proof of having a long-term and committed relationship. For this, the sponsor and applicant need to provide documents that describe their life together and their commitment to the relationship. These documents need to cover the four assessment areas:

  • Financial factors of a relationship
  • One shared household
  • Commitment type or nature
  • Social aspects 

The applicants of a prospective marriage visa have no need to provide documentation associated with one shared household. However, including such documentation can definitely add more value to the application.

Factors to remember before filling your partner visa application

The relationship may be subject to great pressure during the processing period

The processing time can be around 23-31 months with more than $7K government fees. This long processing duration keeps some couples apart for the time being and couples start desiring success in the very first attempt, both of which can put pressure on some relationships.

Proving a relationship with documents can be difficult.

When it comes to visa application, there are multiple technicalities like differentiation between a de-facto relationship and girlfriend-boyfriend. 

The relationship must appear good on paper. Both partners should be able to recall the accurate details of their first meeting. People in your surroundings also play a big role in this process. Approval of your parents and friends etc become critically important when the Immigration Department assesses your relationship through documentation to provide the partner visa

The applicant must ensure precision and clarity in documentation while applying, to help the authorities properly understand the relationship and make a well-informed decision.

Partner visa program gets maximum rejections

You should be completely prepared before submitting an application because this visa category is most common, hence, the rejection rate is also pretty high along with the government partner visa fee. Convincing the authorities of Immigration Department about your strong relationship is difficult. Extensive searches and cross-checks are conducted by the department to ensure the validity of the information and documentation provided. 

The department can check and refuse an application as per their understanding and has no obligation to ask for further information in case of inconsistencies in your marriage visa Australia

Careful groundwork and convincing will be required from your side for your success in getting the Visa.