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With a fiancé or Prospective Marriage Visa, applicants can get a temporary visa for 9 months and visit Australia to get married to their Australian partner. After getting married, you can complete the partner visa application to get a permanent residency within the validity period of your current visa. 

The visa provided for prospective marriage stays valid for 9 months, starting from the approval date. You are supposed to get married to your partner who sponsors you for this visa and it gives you full rights to work during the period of your Visa. You obtain the eligibility to begin the application submission process to obtain your partner visa for permanent residency in Australia, after marrying your sponsor.

Visa criteria to be fulfilled for admissibility in Subclass 300

To secure your eligibility, you must:

  • Be engaged to your partner who is a permanent resident in Australia or a citizen in Australia. 
  • Have the intent to marry your Australian partner within the 9 months of the granted visa. After that, you should intend to keep on living with your spouse.
  • Have personally met your fiancé and you should have known each other in person. 
  • Be 18 years or older in age and so should your fiancé. 
  • Meet all the character and health requirements. 
  • Be living outside Australia when applying for your prospective marriage visa.

After the grant of your application as a partner, you:

  • Become free to enter Australia, even before your marriage with the prospective spouse.
  • Can go in and out of Australia without any re-entry limitation during the period of validity.
  • Are free to start working in Australia with all work rights.
  • Can begin studying in Australia; but this visa doesn’t make you eligible for the funding provided by the government for tertiary education. 

You submit your partner visa’s application (subclass 820 or 801) right after getting married to your fiancé but before the end of valid 9 months.

Is it necessary to get married in Australia?

There is no restriction for whether you get married in Australia or somewhere else because this visa has no limitation vis-à-vis going out or coming to Australia whenever you want, during the validity period.

Visa fees

The partner visa fees need to be submitted with the application and it is a non-refundable amount, even in the case of an unsuccessful application or withdrawal from the side of the applicant.

What to expect after obtaining this visa?

You can enter Australia after acquiring this visa but can only marry your sponsor after using your visa for the initial entry.