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As on November 16th, 2019, the 494 skilled employer sponsored visa has replaced the 187 (RSMS) visa. 

The holder of a 494 visa may prove his or her eligibility to acquire a 191 skilled regional permanent residency visa after some time.

Eligibility criteria for the employer to nominate you for a 494 visa

  • Your employer has to be running operations from one of the designated regional areas in Australia. This generally doesn’t include employers who are located in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. 
  • The areas of Wollongong, NSW Central Coast and Wollongong have become the designated areas. Along with that, the included regional areas are Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Geelong and Sunshine Coast. 
  • Your position of a job has to be on the list of relevant occupations.
  • Your employer has to gain approval via the Regional Certifying Body of your chosen area. 
  • The job position has to be genuine, full-time and better if, has lasted for at least 5 years. 
  • The employer must be paying you a remuneration as per the market rate.

The new regional visa requirements

  • You need to take and pass a suitable assessment of skills.
  • You need to hold relevant and full-time experience of working in the chosen skill for a minimum of 3 years. 
  • Your age must be below 45 years.
  • Your English proficiency has to be up to the desired standards.

Can 494 visa help to acquire permanent residency?

This visa is provided for 5 years. You can link this visa to the permanent residence via the Subclass 191 [Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional)] Visa by fulfilling these criteria:

  1. You have spent a minimum of 3 years working in the selected designated regional location on your 494 visa.
  2. You present the proof of having a minimum annual salary of $53,900 for last 3 years.

If your 494 application includes your partner, only one person has to showcase this annual salary via tax returns for the last 3 years or more. You can ask your partner to submit the subclass 191 visa application as the primary applicant if they meet the eligibility criteria. 

All 187 nominations as well as visa submitted before November 16th, 2019 are subject to old arrangements and not the new arrangements of visa.