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You can look into your eligibility for the Skilled – Recognized Graduate Visa (476), if you have recently graduated as an engineer from a university.

This visa is provided for 18 months and gives total work rights along with the ability to choose an employer on your own.

476 visa's eligibility criteria

Age: Below 31 years.

Qualification: A reputed qualification such as a Bachelor’s degree, Doctoral degree, Post Graduate Diploma, or a Master’s degree. 

Graduation date: Within the period of 24 months from the time of submitting your application. 

Institution: Must be a recognized one. This program has hundreds of eligible universities. 

Engineering major: in of the following-

Structural engineering

Civil engineering

Chemical engineering

Electronics and electrical engineering

Environmental engineering

Mechanical, plant and production engineering

Material and mining engineering 

English Test

You must take a test of English proficiency.

Future options

More than 18 engineering occupations have been included on the Skilled Occupation List of Australia because of a huge demand. You may look into the opportunity of receiving Permanent Residency in Australia, while holding your Subclass 476 visa.