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Australia is a not only a great nation to study for the natives but is also a popular country for the international students. It has some of the world’s best universities in the world that offer more than 22000 courses across 1100 institutions. Our country has five of the best student cities in the world, which includes Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide.

What makes the Australian Universities different?

  • Advanced teaching styles
  • Abundance of Specialist Institutions
  • Great Quality of Scientific Research
  • Higher Education Standards
  • Multi-cultural, welcoming Community
  • A Safe Environment
  • Flexibility to work up to 20 hours per week and 40 hours during semester breaks

So, If you intend to take up any course of study in Australia, you must apply for a student visa.

You should know that:

  • You can be granted a student visa only if you wish to undertake a registered course or part of a registered course (with CRICOS) on a full-time basis.
  • Visa validity is 5 years (max.) depending on your coursework.
  • A registered course is an education or training course offered by an Australian education provider who is registered with the Australian Government to offer courses to overseas students.

Visa Requirements

Intent of Stay

You must be able to satisfy that you will stay temporarily in Australia and you will return, once you finish your studies.

Financial Eligibility

(For Masters and Doctorate Courses)
Sponsors must provide evidence of cash assets for the 1st year tuition fee, living expenses and access to additional funds to meet the cost of the remainder of study and stay in Australia.

Medical Eligibility

Individuals applying to study in Australia must satisfy the health requirements specified in the Migration Regulations. You can find an approved E-Clinic in your country that can submit health results electronically (e-Medical).

To be covered for health insurance, you will have to pay the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself.

Character Eligibility

To enter Australia, you must possess a good character certificate. You will have to submit police clearance certificate as well.

English Language Requirements

You might have to provide a proof about your proficiency in English Language, like TOEFL/IELTS score. If you are planning to study English course in Australia then you might have to do more paperwork to show your genuine intent of stay.

Working in Australia under subclass 500
You cannot work until you have commenced your course in Australia.

Once your course has commenced, you are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks) when your course is in session and unlimited hours when your course is not in session.

Other conditions

  • You must satisfy attendance and course requirements and maintain a valid enrolment for your course.
  • You must not work unless you have been granted permission to do so.
  • You must maintain your Overseas Student Health (OSHC) cover while in Australia
  • You must leave Australia before your visa expires, failing which you may be denied re-entry for 3 years.
  • You must remain with the education provider you initially enrolled with for the first six months of your course or, if the course is less than six months, for the duration of your course.
  • You must advise your education provider of your residential address within seven days of your arrival in Australia and must inform any changes of address within seven days.
  • If you change education provider you must inform your current education provider within seven days of issue of an eCoE (Confirmation of Enrolment)