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The Australian Visitor Visa is designed for people who wish to take a trip to Australia for longer than 3 months. 

The subclass 600 allows you:

  • A stay in Australia for of up to 12 months, or a shorter period, depending on the purpose of the visit and your personal circumstances
  • single or multiple entries to Australia.

This Visitor Visa is not instantly processed and it is available to a wider selection of countries and for up to 12 months.

The Visitor Visa usually takes approximately 20 days to be processed from the date that it is applied for. However, additional documentation may be required to complete your application which could significantly delay the process.

Visa Conditions:

Visitors to Australia must be willing and able to abide by the visa validity and conditions while in Australia. If you do not abide by these conditions, your visa may be cancelled or you may be subject to other penalties.

Visitor Visa Requirements:

  • A passport valid for at least three months upon entry to Australia
  • You must not work while in Australia.
  • You must not study for more than three months while in Australia. If you intend to study for longer than four weeks, you may be required to pass a health examination before starting your course.
  • Your visa may be granted with a ‘No further stay’ condition. If this is the case, you will not be granted any other visa (except for a Protection visa) while you remain in Australia.
  • The holder must depart within the validity of the Visitor Visa.

Medical Requirements:

  • Applicants might be asked to go through certain medical tests and x-ray examinations.
  • Proof of health insurance for the period of stay.

Proof of Funds:

When applying for a Visitor Visa- subclass 600 with a validity of the maximum 12 months, you will not be eligible for Australian employment, you may be required to display the proof of sufficient funds. The proof may include personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts or taxation records.

Employment Related Documents:

  • Letter from employer which mentions your designation and salary, employment period, leave confirmation and the contact details of the person writing the letter.
  • In case you are self-employed, you have to submit proof of business registration.
  • In case of you are retired, you have to submit proof of retirement.
  • If the applicant is a student, then he/she has to provide a proof of enrolment. This proof can be a letter from the institute that he/she is studying in.