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Canada Provincial Nominee Program

All the Canadian provinces have their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These sets of programs have been formed to provide the contenders with a chance for fast-tracked migration.  Canadian Express-Entry system allows the applicants from a variety of potential immigrants to get directly nominated by any province, except for Quebec, in Canada. Through the given guidelines and criteria of these programs, each province gets to target the students, professionals or workers who show the suitable educational background, work experience, and proficient skills that can readily fill the labour-market needs and economic gap which the province might be facing. This proves to be a great situation for both the potential migrant and the Canadian province.

Express-Entry to Canada

Canadian Express Entry program is a system to manage and select through numerous immigration applications which are received. On the country’s economic basis, there are three categories of immigration programs, through which any person meaning can seek immigration to live while working a full-time job in Canada.

The candidate has to meet the criteria of either
-Federal Skilled Worker,
-Canadian Experience Class, or
-Federal Skilled Trades programs.

If the applicant is successfully able to meet the appropriate criteria, the person can formally request to immigrate through their Express Entry profile and become a permanent Canadian resident. The request is then met with a comprehensive scoring of the candidate on the basis of their work experience, skills, educational qualifications, language proficiency, and so on – also called Comprehensive Ranking System (a point-based system). These pointers are directly based on the factors that can help a candidate flourish as an immigrant in Canada.

The score obtained decides the candidate’s rank within the huge number of candidates waiting to immigrate. An Invitation to Apply (ITA) the by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for an expedited Canadian immigration, is sent to those who score the highest in CRS and later, a permanent residency (PR).

A potential candidate can be nominated for Express Entry pool by a province/territory or even an eligible Canadian employer. In case of such a nomination, the person who receives a viable employment offer or an enhanced provincial nomination, gets a major push in getting their Express Entry score amplified by a significant margin.

This process can seem a little hard and consuming from the surface, and it sure is too; but with the help of a Visa Helpline, you will know how to improve your application and increase your chances at being selected.