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If you desire a temporary visit to Canada for travel, you have to go through the Canada visit visa application process and would be granted visa only after meeting all the required criteria.

Basic requirements to apply for a Visa to visit Canada are:

  • In order to apply for visa a person must have a Valid passport.
  • No criminal background or records.
  • No pertinent issues related to the immigration.
  • The authorities ask for a proof of proper financial backing in order to ensure that the stay in country could be afforded by the applicant or not. The funds deemed sufficient depend upon the choices of accommodation and other basic things. In case you are planning to live with the resident family, the amount would be less in comparison to a hotel accommodation.
  • Sound health of the applicant.

Other Requirements:

An applicant has to present some other documents which may include-

  • Passport to verify the applicant’s citizenship
  • An invitation letter
  • Report of medical tests

Some countries’ nationals do not require a visa to visit Canada. In that case, an immigrant should have a relevant passport of his or her own country for the purpose of proving their citizenship from an exempted country.

Process of Application:

The Visit visa should be filed in a way that it is free from any kind of faults, attached with the necessary documents that support it and submitted to the right Visa office. Grant of a visit visa for Canada mostly depends on the visa officer’s discretion. Therefore, a minute fault could result in delay of the grant.

Consultants help you with the compilation of all the necessary documents that support the application like an invitation letter received from Canada, employment in native nation as an evidence in order to clear any doubt in official’s mind regarding the visitor’s intentions for staying in the country forever.

Along with the documents to the visa office of Canada in applicant’s native country, a non-refundable fee of processing is also submitted on behalf of the applicant.

An interview is scheduled after the documents’ approval. A detailed session of grooming is provided to the applicants for their chances of approval to be improved.

And finally, medical as well as security tests are conducted.

What can lead to refusal of one’s application?

Many factors lead to rejection of an application for a Visitor’s Visa to Canada. For example:

  • Not being able to convince the authorized officer that you do not intend to stay in Canada forever.
  • An incomplete or inaccurate application form.
  • If any supporting documents required in the application is missing.
  • A lack in the funds available with the applicant, in order to afford the expenses in Canada.
  • In case the applicant has a criminal record.
  • If the authority comes to know about an unpleasing fact, previously hidden by the applicant.